Military Working Dog Trainer/Supervisor

Instruction places emphasis on the United States Air Force management and supervision of the military working dog program at the unit level

Provides training for Department of Defense personnel and international students.  ​Training includes:  

  • Transportation requirements for military working dogs and teams
  • A kennel section’s operational responsibilities
  • Resources required to operate a military working dog section
  • Procedures for management of military working dog teams during air base survivability operations
  • Principles of conditioning
  • Procedures for procurement and maintenance requirements of drug training aids
  • Evaluate employment of military working dog teams 
  • Proficiency training requirements for a military working dog
  • Procedures for procurement and maintenance requirements of explosive training aids
  • Evaluation and remedial action procedures for military working dog teams
  • Aspects of dog care and conduct protocol training on a potential detector dog 

Detector Dog Handler Course

Provides training in the knowledge and skills needed to perform duties as a detector dog handler capable of handling either a patrol/explosive detector dog, patrol/drug detector dog, or a contraband detector dog

Specifically, training is provided in the following areas:  

  • Application of principles of conditioning  
  • Employment of search techniques
  • Reaction to behavioral changes
  • Explosive and chemical safety procedures
  • Security procedures
  • Completion of training and utilization records
  • Legal aspects of detector dog utilization 

Patrol Dog Handler Course

Provides Department of Defense personnel, international students, and civilian law enforcement in handling patrol trained military working dogs

Receives training in the following areas:

  • Safety procedures
  • Maintenance of dog to include grooming, inspecting health checkpoints, diseases, internal/external parasites, first aid, feeding and watering, medication and veterinarian procedures
  • Maintenance of kennel and equipment
  • Principles of conditioning
  • Maintenance of the proficiency of a dog in obedience, obedience course, controlled aggression, scouting, building search, vehicle patrol, gunfire conditions, and tracking
  • Acting as agitator
  • Maintenance of records, reports, and forms
  • Concepts of utilization 



With Department of Defense global military working dog (MWD) shortages, Toby was one of the first of 60 airmen to transfer straight from the Patrol Dog Handler Course to the Military Working Dog Training Section as a Patrol Dog Trainer.  He trained and certified 25 MWDs in advanced obedience, obedience course, controlled aggression, scouting, building search, and gunfire conditions.  He was named Trainer of the Month (trained five MWDs in one month) and earned the Air Force Achievement Medal.


Hand selected for a 12-personnel procurement mission team to increase global military working dogs.  Helped evaluate over 1,000 dogs from vendors throughout Europe, ID’ed and trained numerous candidates assisting team truncate selection down to thirty dogs for purchase.  Traveled back with the last ten dogs ensuring safety and delivery from Ramstein Air Base, Germany to Lackland AFB, Texas. 


Kennel master of canine explosive operations during classified Persian Gulf mission, ensuring the safety of 1,400 personnel and $50B in military assets.  Earned the Air Force Commendation Medal.